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Let me start by saying, I was not a morning person. I never had been and I was always jealous of those who were. Note: I know jealously does nothing for you and I once had a yoga teacher say, “Eyes on your own mat. In practice and in life.” I simply love this saying. And think everyone should live by it. But any way back to the real purpose of this post.

About two years ago I decided it was time to give the whole “morning person” thing a try. I had read this article (which I go back to often) This one line really resonated with me – “The best morning activities aren’t things you have to do, but things that you want to do but just never seem to get around to.” I had been looking for a way to fit everything in and was starting to realize that may mean setting the clock a few hours earlier each morning. So I gathered my strength and started setting the alarm for 6am.

Little by little, and with A LOT of practice, I am now a morning person. I love it. I love the feeling of being awake before the rest of the world. I love the stillness of the early hours and hearing the birds wake up. I love starting my day with a workout, taking the dog for a walk with a cup of coffee, spending a bit longer getting ready and arriving at the office already awake for at least three hours. It is amazing how much you can get done with uninterrupted time. My three extra hours in the morning equals at least six hours of productive during the normal work day. It’s my calm before the storm time. The time that is just for me.

Not only does it help my productivity, it helps my stress levels. I know I am a better person on the days I practice my morning routine. I feel less frantic and more at peace. I sleep better at night and I’m just happier on these days. It is worth not hitting snooze even during these dark winter mornings. And while we are on the topic — It may be a bit harder during these cold winter months, so I like to turn on a soft light or my fake fireplace to help bring some light into my space.

How do you start? Baby step by baby step. Diving in often results in a quick burn out, so be kind to yourself and ease into it. Start with two days a week – Go to bed earlier, set the alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal and go from there. The next week set it 30 minutes earlier and then repeat. Keep up the practice and sooner or later your body and soul will crave it. Find a morning routine that works for you and tailor it along the way so it fits your style. Different strokes for different folks, so do what makes you feel good. A run and a cup of coffee? Yoga and then cruising the net? Tea and a book? Spin and then some meditation? Whatever it is, make it yours and enjoy. I promise you that you will not regret it.

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meAudrea Laffely is a self-proclaimed “City Hippie”. The definition of a city hippie is someone who enjoys with fancy dinners, fun wines, homeopathic cures, all things yoga, living of the land, recycling and shopping for pretty things. By day she works in advertising and at night she fights crime with her dog Batman. She is inspired by badass women and people that challenge the status quo.

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