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There are a lot of shitty people in this world. It can’t be denied. People who kick us when we’re down, rub some extra dirt in the wounds, and sometimes worst of all, the ones who don’t even know how poorly they treat others. They think it’s normal.

We can get angry. We can hate. We can seek or want revenge or justice on those who treat us like crap. But is doing what they did to us, or worse, going to make us feel better?

I know there are times when I think of broken friendships or torn relationships and wishing I could let them feel just a bit of the pain I had felt. Sending a note in the mail to tear them down a notch. Show their friends who that person really is.

And then I feel exhausted. Because hate is exhausting. It’s negative energy draining you and leaving you with a lot less positive energy to do all the good stuff in your life. And the thing is, when you’re full of negative energy or zapped from it, it’s visible. You are less vibrant and less exciting to be around.

When you let a little of that hate go (piece by piece), I know at least I, feel lighter. It’s like that bullshit has been lifted off your shoulders and shoved away, thrown away, or and hopefully not given a new home.

Sometimes you have to forgive to let go of the anger. But typically it’s more forgiving yourself (for any part you played) for the anger you feel, and moving forward.



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