Technology Saved the Friendship

Most of the time I say, take a break from technology. Put down the phone. Put away the computer, and chill out and have a real conversation. Push out the noise, and have some old school bonding time.

Make some cookies and drink wine while chatting about the latest things happening in your lives. A friendship is built on quality time. One of my closest friends was someone who I melded with quickly. Instead of love at first sight, it was friendship (a form of love, right?). We had 6 months of hanging out each week, and typically when we did our phones may have been near us, but they were not attached to our hands, unless perhaps we were taking pictures, of course. We went for walks, and tried new restaurants, and discovered the best orange wine in Chelsea, and of course french fries.

6 months. And then her and her husband took off for LA. The land of beaches and perfect weather and so many palm trees. Our friendship was being tested. It took us a while to get used to the time difference, just missing one another in the mornings or nights, and having half cut off conversations. After about a month or so we got our groove back. Texting, email, Facebook, and other technology saved our friendship. It helped us stay in touch and still remain great friends despite being across the continent and a 3 hour time change. Even if it was just to say, I’m here.

I have another best friend who I’ve known for 10 years now (whoa) and we text almost every day. Literally. We also email, Facebook message, Instagram, and I even got her on Snapchat. But text is the constant. We message about how Monday mornings suck, and can’t wait until its the weekend, about our current relationships, about our TV shows that week, and even text through with a glass of wine together as we both watch. It’s a friendship built on a decade of constant and loyal trust and friendship with only 2 years in the same city. Whether we go an hour or a week without talking, the other will always be there. Technology saved us.

There are many more friendships, and the new one coming to a test is one who just moved to Seattle. Our group of 4 is now 2 in Boston, with me in NYC (for a year now) and now her in Seattle. I have no doubt with the latest GIFs available and our group text banter, that once again technology will help keep our friendships intact.

Technology is a gift. It’s one that should be used to enhance friendships and communication, but also silenced when we’re together in real life.

Until the next text…


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