Get out of that funk

Feeling a little not yourself? Cranky? Frustrated? Moody?

It happens to the best of us. Some trigger caused it, and the “funk” appears to linger longer than usual and disturbs our sleep, our productivity and our emotional senses.

No one wants to be stuck in this realm. It’s just sucky.

So what can we do?

Here are a few things I’ve used in the past, and more recently to try to move past it, and leave it behind:

  • Separate the source from other triggers that make it linger and worse
  • Determine if the source is something you can control or not
  • Find ways to let it settle and focus on the parts you can control, and the happier parts that exist in your daily routine
  • Muscle through it, despite the cloud overhead.
  • After a couple days the cloud naturally lifts.
  • If it doesn’t, I recommend you or your friend to consider talking to a close friend or professional about it. Most funks should slowly lift and all of a sudden you have moved on from it.


image source – pixabay

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