Just an extra hour

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What would you do if you actually had an extra hour each day? An extra 7 hours each week?

I know I have a tendency to say, man if only there were ore hours in the day. However, if we really had it, would we take advantage? And with what?

I’d like to think I’d do the following:

  • Ensure I exercise every morning
  • Get an extra hour of sleep
  • Get to work an hour earlier
  • Be more productive with my after-work or before-work hours
  • Read more

And I do think I would do the above sometimes, but I also feel like we’d get used to that extra hour and again, we’d wish for yet another extra hour.

In the end, whether we have an extra hour or ten, it’s more about how we manage our time, how we prioritize it, and what we value most (at least that day or week). Sometimes we need sleep, while other times we need some extra time at the gym. Choose what makes sense for your body and what it’s expressing to you.


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