What happens when you stop worrying?

I’ve always had a bit of anxiety where I wonder and think too much of what’s next. What’s Monday going to bring? Do I have enough time to do my work after meetings? How will that presentation go? Will I be able to go to the gym and make brunch plans? What happens if I move from Boston to NYC? Will I be able to make new friends?

So I’m not saying I never worry about tomorrow or the upcoming future or if something does or doesn’t happen. It’s hard not to in our over-connected, instant gratification, and fast-paced day and age. However, living like this day in and day out, is a bit rough. So I’ve tried changing my tune on how I approach the current day vs tomorrow vs the future.

  • The unknown is not always something we can control, so why bother
  • Worrying about tomorrow will only make today worse
  • Deal with it, when it arrives
  • Be confident that whatever comes your way, is not more than you can handle
  • Worrying only makes you more stressed out, less happy, and gives wrinkles (no thanks)
  • Just breathe

So much easier said than done, and it takes repeated efforts to remember and do these things, but hey it’s worth it to worry less, and feel in the moment more often.


image source – pixabay

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