what about the moment?

Have you ever been out to lunch and are already thinking of what’s happening for dinner? Or thinking of the next weekend when it’s only Monday? I know I used to be horrible at this, and still do this time to time…where I leave the moment, and look ahead to upcoming ones. Not a bad thing, except for when you forget to take the time to appreciate the moment you’re in.

It’s unfair to anyone you’re with, and it’s unfair to you as well. I’ve recognized I did this often and over time I’ve tried to reduce this, except for when looking toward something that is upcoming has me excited.

A few ways to stay in the moment, because the moment is meant to be lived and experienced:

  1. Put away the phone
  2. Focus on the conversation and your current surroundings
  3. Find something that is memorable about that moment to hang on to
  4. Worry less about yesterday, and be less anxious about tomorrow
  5. Appreciate that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be


image source – pixabay

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