How does the world see you?

Ever hear your voice on a recording and feel astounded at how you sound to others versus how you think you sound? I know I am. Now think about the characteristics you use to describe yourself in an interview, or to friends, or in a survey or application. I usually think driven, kind, sympathetic, organized, good manager, creative, creator, etc.

Recently, I had a phone call where I was giving a review to a colleague who was leaving our team, and asked if she had any feedback in return to me as a co-worker and manager. She surprised me with one statement that I hadn’t thought of. She called me “fearless” in the way I approach work and in the way I take on new things. She said she wanted to be more like me in that respect. I know that I am a go-getter and like taking on new projects, but the word fearless rang a new type of feeling in me.

I realized I hadn’t thought of that characteristic of myself, but now that someone else had defined me that way, and it was something I had always wanted…I wasn’t going to lose it. I want to continue to embody this characteristic.

I want to be more fearless, stronger, and as always kinder. Because in my opinion, what goes around, comes around.

Not sure how others view you in a relationship at home or at work? Ask. It may help you grow, change, and/or develop a new perspective on yourself.



image source – pixabay

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