How to eat well despite the parties

The holidays are fast approaching, and so are all the holiday parties. It happens every year. And then comes January 1, and we’re scrambling to get to the gym and looking for the next fad diet to make up for our indulgences.
But why not set yourself up for success from the get-go?
Here are my tips for eating consciously and indulging smart this holiday season:
1. Drink less – Sure you want a glass or two, but it doesn’t mean you need 3 or 4. It means not only more calories from the drinks, but more from the food you’ll eat with it. Then the next morning, you’ll eat more too. Don’t deny it – own it.
2. More water – It will help you drink less, and make you full quicker when you’re consuming food. Have 1-2 glasses of water before eating, and at least half a glass between drinks.
3. Bring snacks – If it’s a party where you can contribute snacks, bring some that you’ll feel good about eating. Some vegetables, hummus, guacamole, for those who prefer not to cook. And those who do – perhaps some gluten or dairy free treats like the cookies in the image.
4. Stuff your purse – Bring a power bar. Yup, you heard me. Bring two if that won’t work. When you’re having  craving, and nothing seems healthy or within your diet restrictions (ex. if you’re celiac or lactose intolerant). They’re the perfect holdover until you can get some actual food later.
5. Scan the menu – Make a plan ahead of time if you can on what you can and will eat. And stick to it.
6. Allow one treat – Because we all know there’s no point in restricting all cravings. Just keep it to one.

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