In Like A Lion- March 2015

Spring is coming- I feel it! Here’s a new playlist to reel in those warm sunny vibes that are coming our way soon.

Zimbabwe- Flume Remix by New Navy

This song is a dream to me. It’s the exact song I’d want to hear while watching the sun go down on an exotic beach with a refreshing bev in hand. Clearly I’m itching to go on another adventure to a foreign destination, but for the time being I’ll feel the wanderlust through this song.

Gunshot by Lykki Li

Okay,  I fully admit this this song starts out a tad bit mellow. I enjoy Lykki Li, but wasn’t so sure about this song when I first heard it…and then the chorus comes in. Bang- just like a gunshot. Clearly this is a down-and-out love song, but I think this is something we all can relate to, not just about love, but in life, too.

Rollin’ On by Royal Tongues

Rollin’ onto spring and summer- that’s what this upbeat track resonates for me! Enjoy this fun song while walking down a sunny Newbury Street with the birds chirping and snow melting around you.

Still Chasing Nothing – Radio Edit by Kid Astray

Is it convertible, sunroof, and patio season yet? Enough said. I guess you’re probably sensing a theme with me by now…

Wicked Games- Radio Edit by Parra for Cuva, Anna Naklab

Remember singer Chris Isaak from the 80s/90s and his sultry song, Wicked Games? Maybe the title doesn’t ring a bell, but the chorus which includes, “I wanna fall in love with you…” might. This is a great downtempo house remake by this German DJ.

I can’t wait to #RadiateDaily in the warm spring sunshine soon!

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