’tis the season for all the holiday activities

With the holiday season upon us, I know I can’t help but get into the spirit of it. The Christmas tree is up, the lights are strung, and the stockings are hung… all waiting for me to pop on the right holiday movie, warm up some hot chocolate (perhaps with some baileys), and toss in some easy-bake cookies (sorry not a real baker). But for real, I am that cheesy person…

My favorite holiday activities include:

  • Enjoying the perfect holiday playlist
  • Watching cheesy holiday movies including the hallmark ones (sorry, not sorry)
  • Spending time with loved ones (and my furry ones)
  • Having cozy nights
  • Going out to enjoy the local celebrations and light festivities
  • Walking around the local vendors at the Christmas markets
  • Wearing the ugly Christmas sweater (again, sorry not sorry)
  • Watching the Friends Tv show episodes that are holiday themed
  • Tasting all the wonderful seasonal flavors including pumpkin, peppermint, and more
  • Reading books wrapped up in a blanket oy m favorite reading chair
  • Experiencing the first snowfall of the season

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Until next time, #RadiateDaily

Image source: pixabay

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