Indulge in a Weekly Reward

Guest post by Lauren.

Often times, young professionals find themselves bogged down by the budgeting blues as many forego satisfying their wants to afford what they actually need. This may mean staying home during the weekend instead of going out with friends to afford dry cleaning and grocery shopping or living in a less then luxurious apartment to pay off student loans. No matter the reason for budgeting, all can agree that it is not an enjoyable part of living independently and managing one’s finances.

As necessary an evil as budgeting is, it is important to remember to reward yourself regularly for the hard work you invest in your daily life. Too regularly we forget about the extraordinary things we do every day and week that merit rewarding. Did you wake up early on a Monday to workout before heading into the office? Volunteer to work an extra weekend shift so your co-worker could visit her family? Receive positive feedback on a work project? If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of the previous questions then you, my friend, deserve a reward.

These rewards don’t have to be pricey to be enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to buy a new pair of Jimmy Choo heels or invest in a personally tailored suit to congratulate yourself on a recent promotion, by all means do it! However, there are plenty of ways to be indulgent on a budget:

  • Get a manicure – Many nail salons offer basic manicures for $15 or less. You may not be paying for a luxurious mani, but your buffed and massaged hands will thank you, and so will the colleagues and executives shaking your hand on a regular basis.
  • Buy a sweet treat – Cupcake shops such as Georgetown Cupcake and Sprinkles sell mini-cakes that won’t run you more than a few dollars. There’s nothing like a sugar rush to boost your mood.
  • Ladies…Get a makeover – Head to your local Sephora before a night out with your girlfriends and an associate will be happy to do your makeup for free! (you can also head to the makeup counters of department stores)
  • Gentlemen… Get a shave – The Art of Shaving, in Back Bay, operates as a ‘barber spa’ offering traditional hot shaves for $35 and mustache trims for $15. Take a load off and let someone else pamper you and take care of your personal grooming needs, if only for a half hour.
  • Take yourself to dinner – Make a reservation for yourself at one of your favorite restaurants and treat yourself to a nice meal. Dessert and diner cocktails are not required, but extremely encouraged!

Try to reward yourself each week and pick a specific day to do so. I, myself, have dedicated Sundays to getting a manicure at a local salon. My manicure runs me $12, but the money spent is well worth itself; I always exit happy with myself and the past week’s work. By investing a bit of time and money in yourself each week, you too will start to notice a happier, more productive, and enjoyable you!

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