Time for Me.

It used to seem so silly when people said, I just need some “me time.” Now, I say it more often that I can recall. Between work, seeing friends, plans I’ve made for a celebration, a networking event, a day trip, and the random dinners…sometimes I just want my couch. Or my bed. Or my pilates mat.
It’s not selfish. It’s not vain. It’s not silly. It’s healthy.
We only seem to get busier as we get older, and the more busy we get, the more important it is to carve out time for ourselves. I am a habitual planner – sometimes to a fault, and I even plan ahead to have time for myself during the week. For example I try my hardest not to make plans every single evening after work. I try to leave at least once night open so I can make dinner at home, catch up on life, a little Hulu, and just chill the hell out. Other times I’ll keep a weekend morning or afternoon free. I’ll go for a long walk, have an extra long gym session, or grab one of the many books I’m in the middle of. Even that couple of hours is enough to recharge and feel like I’m ready to conquer the world again.
Sometimes I forget how much that time is healthy for me and I have to remind myself it’s ok to not go out to dinner that night, or invite someone over. It’s ok to want that glass of wine by myself. Ok and that piece of cheese (because who am I kidding?) Time for “me” allows me to feel better about myself each week. It helps me realize my priorities, and allows me to focus on my goals a little easier. It makes me more excited to go out when I do and allows me to be more there with my friends and family.
How do you #radiatedaily?
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