Let it go

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Ever have a moment when you think why is this still in my life? Why do I still allow this person to have a piece of me? We’ve all been there.

There are pieces of our lives (and people) who after a period of time, need to be let go. They or it has become toxic to our well being. Causing us unnecessary stress, pain and/or anxiety. Distracting us from the happiness and productivity we could/should have.

So instead of allowing it to keep us down, we need to consider when it’s time to let it go…

If you know it’s not good for you. 

If you know it’s causing you stress.

If you know it’s causing more grief than happiness.

If you are consumed by it.

If you are distracted in a negative manner.

If you have physical pains from it.

If you have emotional or mental pains from it.

If you wish you could let it go, but haven’t. 

If you are being stubborn and still haven’t. 

It’s always easier said than done, of course. Sometimes it takes time to actually let it go, completely. Sometimes there are stages. But when we can 100% just let go, all in one “swoosh” of a basket. Well damn, just do it.

And for fun…

Mic drop.


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