Let’s Talk About Faith Baby

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Written by contributing blogger, Daniela Forte.

Faith is not a word these days I can say I am very good friends with. In fact, we’re almost enemies. At this moment in my life I have primarily lost faith in people and things that I didn’t think I would lose faith in. However, in this midst of all of this “lack of faithness” I have seen what having faith in something wholeheartedly can do.

Recently, my aunt who is in her late 40s had her first child, a beautiful baby girl named Olivia Anne. This was something she has wanted her entire adult life. However, all the doctors, our family and her friends basically told her was impossible.   But my aunt persevered. She wouldn’t allow the word “No” be the end of her story of wanting a baby.

On a whim somewhat, she decided to try another doctor who by some miracle was able to get her pregnant, after other doctors she had worked with in the past had given her a no-go.

These last nine months however, haven’t been an easy one for her; she had all sorts of trouble. She was first told she would have twins only to lose one of the children along with other complications along the way.

At the end of it, she had a seven pound, nine ounce and 20 inches long baby who has such a loving and calm energy that it truly takes my breath away. The love I have for this child is beyond words.

As I along with my family members were waiting for this little bundle of love to arrive, I was standing outside the hospital and couldn’t believe I was standing there for this reason. I had watched my aunt cry for years because she couldn’t have children; saw her personality change drastically from being a bubbly loving person to someone who had lost her light.

But her light was restored when she was granted the one thing she had always wanted. And I just find it amazing. She had faith, she believed hard enough in what she wanted and with a lot of patience she made her dream a reality.

My aunt is an inspiration; she along with life has taught me that if you believe in something and pray enough for something you will get it at the right time. This was her time.

Right now for me, my faith is taking time to be restored. I have been left in serious disappointment and sadness, but I know I will continue on and do my best to take care of my life and me. I must tell all of you that are going through stuff right now, whatever it is – allow yourself to have faith, don’t allow life’s trials and tribulations make you lose your light.

Know what you have to offer this world, know your worth and your value. Never allow anyone or anything take that away from you. What I also must tell you (and myself for that matter) is to have gratitude. Gratitude will get you through those days when it is so dark in your mind and heart.   Remember the good, when the bad creeps up in the corners that will get you through. And lastly, have patience and pray.

The power of prayer is very strong, throughout my aunt’s pregnancy when things looked very dismal, I prayed, I asked for prayers and those prayers were answered. I know that no matter what is going on in my life right now, my faith will once again be restored and I will be happy, because that is life. Nothing in life is permanent not the bad, or the good.

Lastly, remember something else, whatever you aren’t given is for a reason, maybe your destined path is for something else entirely than you might have dreamed for yourself. So while you’re stuck on wanting one thing, you may be in line for something in entirely different – and better.


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