Having the Strength to Ask for Help

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We go through life alone most of the time. We may be working with a team at work, live at home with a significant other, and even be surrounded by loved ones on a regular basis, but you are the person who has to live your life. You’re the one who has to get up each morning, choose to get ready to conquer another day, ensure you drink enough water, so on and so forth.

Then there’s that day. That week. Sometimes even that month.

We’ve all had it. Something happens in your relationship, an illness, or you’re just a little lost. It happens. It happens to the best of us.

As they say it’s not what knocks you down, but what you do after. How you persevere and get back up. Some of us have no problem seeking out assistance, while the rest of us, may find a way to go it alone and be independent when picking up the pieces.

For us independent folks, we have to remember one thing…it’s ok to ask for help.

Whether it’s grabbing a glass of wine to talk things out, reaching out to folks for advice, or seeking professional assistance (especially if it’s medical), it doesn’t hurt to reach outside yourself. It’s actually a sign of great strength to understand your limitations and when you would be more efficient and recoup faster if you were to gain help from another.

The tricky part…asking for it. It’s not easy to admit you could use advice or just need to vent about a tough situation. It’s sometimes even harder to ask for it a few times, because you need more than you thought. But once you ask, there’s a new feeling that happens. A sign of relief, because you made that step. And you may not realize how helpful it truly was/is until you’ve had that initial conversation.

Just imagine walking through life each day alone. No one by your side. No one asking how are you. It’s isolating. And so is trying to solve every problem¬†alone.


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