Making your home an escape

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Escaping has become prevalent, especially due to the last couple years, and wanting to get away after being stuck for so long. However, not all of us can escape at a whim or do so frequently. So what can we do? Make our homes a place we want to be and escape to as well.

A few ways I make my home cozy and a place I enjoy “escaping” to:

  • Decorating for the seasons and holidays
  • Updating decor at least once a year – with small things like throws, trays, runners, and holiday related items
  • Setting up my rooms for supreme comfort including throws, pillows, floor pillows, cozy throw rugs, and colors that are comforting
  • An office chair that is cozy with decor that feels less like an office – including a mandala throw rug, a small couch, a surf and beachy vibe framed photos
  • A gym in my home so I can work out when I want to and time is not of the essence (always)
  • Allowing the rooms to breathe and feel spacious
  • Having an outdoor space of my own (a balcony) for fresh air
  • Different lighting – dim lighting is so much more comfortable especially in the evening
  • And having sunshine come through the windows during the day
  • Candles or other forms of scent such as scentsy
  • And of course wine and cheese, duh

How do you escape at home?

Until next time, #radiatedaily

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