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It’s not always easy to get motivated each morning. It’s even less easy to get motivated on the weekends, during holidays, or when you just want to catch up on the last 4 seasons of Game of Thrones or perhaps the Serial podcast. I know after a long week all I want to do is lay on my couch, open a bottle of wine, and veg out. Sometimes that makes me happy, other times that makes me feel lazy and unproductive. It’s about balance for me. I feel happiest when I’ve been at least somewhat productive like write a post for Radiate Daily, crossed off items on my to-do list and also chill the hell out.

So how do we motivate ourselves? How do we cross those items off our list. It’s not the same for everyone, but there are a few simple things that work for me:

  1. Do it first – I’m most productive and alert when I wake up despite the fact that I may hit snooze a few too many times. If I wake up, and pop right on the computer and type away, I’ll get 3 posts banged out in a couple hours versus twiddling my thumbs and perusing Facebook for way too long.
  2. Change of Scenery – When I go visit family and take public transportation like Amtrak (for instance when I wrote this post), my mind opens up. I am able to focus in a way I can’t always focus on my living room couch. I know I have 3 hours until I reach Connecticut, I will do X, Y and maybe Z if I feel like it. If I cross off at least 1-2 of those items, then I can sit back and watch a movie on my iPad. The same goes for a coffee shop too. It’s about the change of scenery. It might be easier to get more done if you just change your perspective. Work on your breakfast bar, go to a coffee shop for 2 hours, and/or ask a friend to do work with them. The buddy system!
  3. Plan like a Ninja – People know I’m a “tad bit” of a planner. But hey, sorry – I’m not sorry. It helps me be more productive. When I work a full time job, and have multiple blogs on the side, I have to manage my time. So when I’m making plans with my girlfriends or penciling in what days I’ll go to the gym vs. work out at home – I’m thinking of when I’ll get my blog posts done too. When I’ll go grocery shopping and get my pedicure. I plan it out.
  4. Prioritize – Sometimes I focus on the least important first. Sounds ridiculous right? It actually works more for me, because I will get everything done versus only the first priority item. If I leave the most important for later, I have to still get it done. And in turn I bang out the rest too.
  5. You never regret being productive – It’s like going to the gym. Do you ever feel guilty for going to the gym? Do you ever want to kick yourself? Doubtful. Same goes for being productive and getting your shit done.

I just crossed off one blog post on my Amtrak ride home to see my family. Check!

How do you #radiatedaily?

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