My heart is full

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Recently I wrote about something that meant more than a vacation to me – helping a puppy (6 months old) get surgery so it had a chance to walk and more-so get a chance to be adopted by a loving family. I donated the money and Pink – now known as Phoebe – is recovering from her surgery. She’s jumping around in her two front leg casts like nothing is wrong. She’s happy as can be, with smiles, licks, and cuddles.

The best part of this was being able to see Phoebe in person and seeing where your money really went. Seeing the value and help you can truly do even for one little pup.

And here’s what’s even better – her foster mom – has decided to adopt her. Within weeks Phoebe raised 7500 dollars for surgery, is now in recover, and adopted by a loving mom.

To say the least, my heart is full.

What makes your heart full, though? Is it children, the elderly, the environment, helping a friend in need, or just writing a poem. Whatever it is that makes you feel whole, you should find time to contribute to it. I know that I can’t always donate cash to assist in surgeries, but I do want to start helping more directly, rather than just holiday donations to the ASPCA (which I will always do).

Next step – I may adopt a tiger or lion in the wild so it is taken care of in its sanctuary with the care and attention it needs to live a long and fulfilling life. And perhaps I’ll find an organization I can help with charity events so I can help others raise money too.

To caring more about what’s around us, and giving back.


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