Never alone

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We sometimes wonder if we’re alone in the life we live. If we are the only dealing with X burden or Y sorrow. We wonder if anyone else will understand the trials and tribulations we’ve been through.

Here’s her story…

“She folded her hands

Sat staring at the creases of moments passed

The time no longer with her.


She remembered when each moment gave her that feeling.

A feeling of hope.

A dazzle of desire.

A crave for more.

A need for escape.

An eagerness to want more. 

A manic attempt to leave it all behind.

A new beginning. 


She knew she wasn’t alone. 

As she sat in the coffee shop

She looked passed the book in her hands

She saw her in a daze

And she knew, she wasn’t alone. “


She may feel alone at times, and not always think that anyone else could possibly understand. The truth is, there is always someone who may listen. There is always someone going through something that could potentially compare (even if not on the exact same level). The different is when you open your eyes the possibility of not being or feeling alone anymore. To letting someone in and letting them listen. Letting them lend you a hand.

And in turn, perhaps you lend yours (maybe even first). Pay it forward.


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