Never Settle

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Would you settle for a burnt piece of pizza when you ordered the best damn mouth watering piece of New York pizza? Hell no. So why would you settle in other parts of your life? I’ve seen so many people (myself included at times), settle because they aren’t sure if they’ll find better, or because it’s “comfortable.”

Imagine. You’re a college graduate, working on climbing the career ladder. You’re a mid level manager and starting to make a mark. People recognize you and respect you. You know you’re on the right path. You have a great family who supports you. Your friends are fun and you find time to hang out with them weekly. Sometimes as just you, sometimes as couples. You’re dating this guy who looks great on paper. He checks all the boxes – well educated, sense of humor, stable job, and has similar goals for his future as you. You go through the motions from getting to know each other to dating exclusively to being boyfriend/girlfriend. You’re moving along as anyone would hope or dream. Your friends like him, and he gets along with their boyfriends too. His parents like you, of course. But there’s something missing.

What is it?

You can’t always put your finger on it, but you know there’s something not as great as it could be. Is that wrong? Maybe not. Things don’t need to be perfect, to be great. But when is great, not great enough?

You realize that you’re comfortable. You know you could keep going through the motions – move in together, probably get engaged, and keep moving down the checked boxes. You love him. You are not in love with him. He doesn’t make you feel the way you felt that one time you knew without a moment of doubt, that you felt a real connection.

Would you settle?


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