Why do people love essential oils?

I was never one for essential oils…it seemed like too much effort and truthfully I never quite understood the purpose or benefits. A couple years ago a friend gave me a peppermint bottle and diffuser to use. It was a great first step into the world of essential oils, but I still didn’t completely step in or understand the value.
Recently, as I’ve taken a harder look at my health and my nutrition, I’ve stepped into things like apple cider vinegar, and more recently aloe vera (to be continued…), I’ve become more in tune with the side of having more natural ingredients in my life. I’ve been taking more time to better my every day life (maybe not every day, but at least every week), where I am doing more self improvement. Taking time to have time alone – take a bath with lavendar salts. Use a diffuser and humidifier (in one…so cool) to allow my home to feel more peaceful and calming. Putting on a salt lamp in the evening to make the environment less stressful. But the oils…why are they so impactful?
A friend – Rachel – recently sent me a sample kit and explained why they are useful to her, based on their purpose and scents:
Stress and Relaxation: I use my lavender oil every day. I have a roller bottle next to my bed to apply to my wrists and neck. I diffuse the oils into the air at bedtime and through the night, I spray my bedsheets with a water/oil mixture AND I use it as fabric softener. There is also Peace and Calming and Stress Away that are similar but create a since of calmness and stillness. I have a stress away roller bottle and I keep it in my work bag – that thing gets a lot of use!
Cleaning and Purifying: There is an oil called Thieves (and an entire cleaning product line) that is a mix of cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary) – mix some of this with your vinegar and water mix and you have an amazing smelling non-toxic, chemical free cleaner! Purification oil can be diffused into the air and actually clean the air – doesn’t just mask a smell but eliminates it. Great for the bathroom too.
Wellness and Immunity building: I believe that all essential oils support your health, but there are some that really support your immunity. Thieves – great for cleaning, but also great at keeping you healthy. I put some of this in my water when I’m feeling off and I diffuse it in the house if there is sickness going around. RC – great for respiratory support, one whiff of this and your sinuses are crystal clear! Rub a little on your chest and you’re feeling great! Our family actually stayed pretty healthy this winter! A miracle!
Rachel Hughes is a Young Living distributor and has over 300 oils… but the above mentioned are a few of her faves.
To learn more visit her site: http://rachelhughes.marketingscents.com/
I know I’m still in the shallow end of essential oils, and friends like Rachel are helping me learn so much more.
Image source – pixabay

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