Shake it Off…

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No, I’m not about to recite the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s hit song, but she did have something there. Sometimes, we just have to:

“shake it off.”

A good friend once told me that she was looking forward to seeing the lemonade I made. It took me a while to realize that she knew I’d overcome the sour lemons I had been dealt in a time that I thought I would get roses. Really pretty roses too.

It’s hard to predict what will come our way. Whether it’s our dream job opportunity or total ambiguity on what’s next in life. The ambiguity is not easy. Some people can live in the unknown but when the unknown becomes your everyday, it isn’t always as easy…at least not for us Type A renegades running loose in the wild.

You get the normal advice: Take each day as it comes. Each day is a fresh start. Everything happens for a reason. It will turn out ok. Don’t worry.

All that advice starts to sound the same after a while. Because you know deep down it is true (in some shape or form), but that day, in that moment, you want to kick the advice. You want to be there and not wish you were there.

So what do you do?

Shake the shit off. Keep moving. Simple as that.

Keep moving.

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