why you shouldn’t regret anything

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Why are regrets such a pain…?

Regrets take up time and toxic energy. They make us self doubt and self blame ourselves for things that are no longer ours to control. They’re already in the past. It’s time to move on.

Regrets consume us, and take us away from priorities and better times that could bring us more joy and allow us to move forward.

Regrets are a human emotion and it’s not avoidable, but it is something we can manage. How we react to and move on from a situation is in our hands.

Regrets also aren’t a bad thing, it means we know when something could or should have been avoided. It demonstrates we realize when we could have done something different, but it doesn’t mean we need to dwell on it forever.

We have to remember that we are the sum of our parts. And we should love who we are today, and everyday. So if we are who we are because of what brought us here, the good and the bad, we can’t sit here and regret a few wrong turns. We have to realize we’re exactly where and who we’re supposed to be – today.


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