Jumpstart your morning

Written by contributing blogger Sonia Sahota.

..How is it already Monday morning? Last I knew, it was Saturday afternoon and I was cuddling up with a warm blanket and my favorite show The Resident. I blinked — suddenly my alarm went off, I ripped the blankets off, jumped out of bed and rushed to get ready. Within minutes, I was out the door. I barely had time for my morning coffee and next thing you know I’m in the office already, anxious for what the day was going to bring.

That was a month ago, and the feeling of “Sundary Scaries – not ready to bring on Monday” is in the past. I started to make my early morning routine just as important as any other part of my day. I did this simply by waking up 1 hour then 2 hours earlier each day. I know it sounds brutal to sacrifice sleep.. but honestly it wasn’t that bad when I kept doing this routine over and over each day. By waking up earlier, I was able to do all of things that make mornings enjoyable.. such as enjoying my morning coffee with hazelnut and making a fresh omelet with feta, spinach and a dab of chipotle hot sauce. I was able to go to the gym and take that 6:00am spin class that I’ve always been ‘meaning’ to attend. Something changed in me…. I was happier. My mood instantly was lifted and people at work even noticed! I was less stressed because I wasn’t rushing out the door and straight to work. Having a morning routine, helps you decompress, allows you to take a deep breath and take in the morning, and on the day like a bad ass.

Waking up early could also mean going for a brisk walk when there’s actually peace and quiet out. It’s only you and the calm before the storm. Or this could mean finishing that chapter in your new book. Whatever it may be, it’s your morning and you get to spend it however you like. For me, there’s something pretty damn awesome about enjoying the calm quiet morning before everyone else is up and the chaos of our day begins.

November Challenge: A lot of us attempt to wake up earlier once or twice a week. But let’s make a November pact. Let’s wake up 1-2 hours earlier each day for two weeks. If you can accomplish this, trust me you will feel like the world is yours. We can do this! I believe in you.

Goodbye Sunday Scaries.

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image source – pixabay

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