More Than Sisters.

My sister (real flesh and blood) is a pain in my butt. But who’s isn’t right? She talks through a whole movie, she posts bad pictures of me as a child, she has a habit of being late, and I always have to remind her to do things when she forgets (yet again). BUT, then again she’s also kind of awesome. She makes me laugh more than anyone, she’s corny as hell (which I love), she dresses like a stylist (hoping I had something to do with that), can bake like it’s her job, is super considerate when you’re having a rough time, and is always honest about how she feels.
There was one time, I had to tell my parents something tough. She was in the room with me, and she stood up for me when the conversation got a little dicey. She didn’t bow out, run away, or say “good luck.” She sat there and supported me in that conversation. I felt lucky to have her in my corner.
There was another time … during our little stint in Paris… when she debated cutting her hair. Let me note, she asked if she should cut her hair, about 48 times in 3 days. Then one night, she went into the hotel bathroom and did it. The next three days were spent asking if she should have cut her hair. I felt like I wanted to kick her.
And another time, when we walked around all of Boston in a snow storm. We walked through the garden, the commons, and went to the North End. We had gelato as we watched the snow fall and people hide away in their homes. We had the city to ourselves one random afternoon and it was awesome. I felt fortunate to have someone I could spend all day with and do randomness.
Sisters. We want to kick each other, but we also hug each other. We’re more than sisters. We’re friends.
We live in the same city again after many years of living apart (11 years difference in our ages), and it has made us closer than we’ve ever been before. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that she’s in her 20s now, but I also think it’s because we’ve finally gotten a chance to get know each other as friends. Friends who can truly tell each other anything – TMI and all. Friends who can text each other in the middle of the night to crash on each other’s couch. Friends who will go get the ice cream when you need it. Laugh when both of you are struggling in Barre class at the gym and wondering why you decided on such torture. And making fun of each other for our random quirks…because we are family after all.
My sister inspires me too. She has inspired me to try a little more with what I believe in. She’s pushed me to test my fashion sense, and test my own boundaries in my own comfort level. She’s inspired me to be more….me.
Thanks sis 🙂
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