Why staying in can be the best self love

You’ve heard the saying – you won’t remember the memories you wasted sleeping or staying in. I used to be a huge proponent of this – especially with huge FOMO. I felt that I had to be at every event, out almost every evening, and that staying in, was just plain lame. That you didn’t have a life.

But how lame is it…to think that way?

As we mature (because age is just a #), a lot of us realize the importance and value of alone time. Or time to do a little less and unwind. Recently a friend visited from out of town, and it was a rainy gloomy day in NYC. We’ve known each other for over 10 years, and are beyond comfortable around one another. We make ourselves completely at home and don’t feel the need to ask when rummaging the fridge or making tea. It’s not only the perfect comfort, but the perfect type of person to lounge around with. Despite originally having plans to go out on Saturday, we opted for ordering in food, catching up shows, renting movies, and having a complete veg day. Some may call that lame and lazy…we called it perfect.

Considering we both work many hours a week, and have demanding jobs – being able to take advantage of a day and night in, feels like heaven.

So next time you think you’d rather stay in than go out…choose the choice that feels like freedom to you. If that means lounging on your couch – go for it. Memories will be so much better when you feel rested enough to enjoy them.


image source – pixabay

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