The Busy Bee & Finding Happiness

Finding happiness in the midst of the madness is a large goal, but worth the fight to overcome the battle. Kristina Tsipouras who runs Busy Girl Daily wrote a great (quick read) on the Busy Girl’s Guide to Happiness. Considering I’ve been trying to find a true balance in my life (as it’s an evolving process that takes constant evaluation and changes), this read hit home.

My takeaways include:

“If your best friend, your professor or someone in your life is offering you their opinion, make sure they have what you want, before you listen to them or take it to heart.”

  • I agree with this because we someones look for advice, but if that person’s life is completely different from what you want, then perhaps it’s not the advice you need to take. However, that doesn’t mean differing opinions don’t matter. You don’t have to take every piece, but perhaps take bits and pieces than can apply to your life and situation.

“Find appreciation for how far you have come and where you are in this very moment.”

  • Clutch advice, because we sometimes look at how much more we need to do to get to where we want to be. Take a step back and appreciate where you are too.

“It is about winning every single day. So what does winning mean to you?”

  • Take a moment and reflect on what “winning” truly means. It could be little things each day, and those that add up to your larger goals. I.E. making it to the gym X days a week.

“Take the time to write out your priorities, and what success and happiness look like for you in your daily life.”

  • Building on the above – what’s the long term journey? How can you get there?

“Am in resistance or am I in allowance? Allowance means you are going with the flow. Resistance means you are trying to control a situation or outcome.”

  • This is a tough one for me. I have a habit of wanting control, but realize that when I let go more, I am so much happier. And a total daily goal to achieve.

“Shift your perspective.”

  • When things feel overwhelming, or negative, or frustrating – shift your perspective. Think about what positive came out of it, or what it could mean for you. I.E. If you had a friendship that didn’t meet expectations, think about what that friendship did to make you grow.

“S.E.N. stands for Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition…”

  • Easier said than done, but major priorities in everyday life. It should always be a part of the overall plan for everyone.

If you end up checking out the book, share what you took away from it too.

Until then, #radiatedaily

  • Brittany from Boston
    June 13, 2016

    I heard about this book recently because Kristina organized the Boston Business Women’s Innovation Conference that I attended. I love these pieces you’ve highlighted. Definitely the resistance/allowance one is tough for me, I like to have control too (type A!). Will have to give some more thought and attention to that point. Thanks!

  • Pam Sahota
    June 13, 2016

    That’s great Brittany. Hit us up on @radiatedaily on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and share how it goes! Would love to hear!