Rainy Sundays

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Rainy Sundays (or any rainy evening) are perfect for taking a step back and chilling the hell out. Reducing priorities, having a lazy morning, and deciding to do the things you never get to do when you’re running around.

Listen to an old school playlist

Read a good book that sucks you in, like Tana French’s In the Woods 

Binge watch a new or semi-new series, like Bloodline on Netflix

Listen to a podcast that inspires you, like TED Radio Hour

De-clutter your closet and enjoy the progress you made

Play catch with your fur buddy

Order in takeout because you can

Call an old friend and dish on the latest shows you’re digging

Don’t binge on Facebook – you can do that any day

Don’t eat your entire fridge, because you may regret that

Do have some dessert, because yes

Take a cat nap



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