The highlight reel

Ever get caught up in what other people are posting, sharing, snapping, and gramming? I know I have. You get sucked into the rabbit hole and all of a sudden you’re wondering where the time went. You see that your friends are posting that they’re on a beach on so-and-so island, or having the best brunch ever!, or having yet another perfect night out. And you wonder, why aren’t you doing the same, or having as good of a time this weekend. Why are you having wine at home and when they’re out all smiles and rainbows.

Hit the brakes. Quit the pity party. Change your story.

Remind yourself that those moments people are sharing are their highlight reel. You probably do the same. They are choosing the best moments to share. They aren’t sharing the argument they may have had 5 minutes later, or that they ate some crappy appetizer that was way too much money, or that they hiding their lower torso because those aren’t assets they feel good about sharing in a photo, or that they are struggling to be out in that moment, and wish they were home on the couch instead.

Remind yourself that you are where you chose to be. Perhaps you being home with that glass of wine was just what you needed because you’re having a true moment to decompress from the week. You aren’t spending money you can’t afford. You aren’t eating your week’s calories in a meal. You aren’t exhausted the next morning when you have things you want to get up early for. You are happy to be where you are.

And next time, maybe you’ll say screw it, I’m going out too. Maybe next time you’ll grab a drink out with a girlfriend down the street instead of netflix and chill. Or invite her over to chill with you. Either way it’s your highlight reel. Share your chill highlights too, because damn it feels good to just be you. In your life. In your own reel.


Image Source: Public Health Watch

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