Too little, too late

There was a day, when a friend jeopardized our friendship by creating distance through unanswered calls, little to no texts, and not even the regular holiday or birthday messages. It’s unfortunate when friendships fade, but what happens when that person tries to re-enter your life? Do you let them?

In my opinion, it depends on the depth of the friendship (not the time) and how severe the bond that tore was. Is reliving that pain something you want to go through again? Or was it not so large, that you could let it go and move on from it, together – as friends again? These are questions you have to sit down and honestly ask yourself, before considering the friendship a reality.

A random text, or message on social media – is not friendship. That is barely a communication if it’s not a consistent source and personal. Communication requires effort, heart, and true consideration for it to mean something in a friendship. Was that taken into account by said friend?

In my situation it appeared it was not. It was too infrequent and not enough for me to respond, put enough back in, or try enough to bring back the friendship to its original state. Instead, I decided to accept the friendship for what it is today. This allows me to be okay with the friendship for what it is today and not always look back at what it used to be.

We evolve. We change. And so do our friendships. The question is, do they survive when it evolves or not?


image source – pixabay

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