What drives you?

Such a small question, with such a complicated and thought provoking response.

What drives you?

For some people it’s their work. For others it’s their family, money, and/or the idea of success. And others may want to make or leave an impact upon the world, i.e. leave it better than before they came into it.

The difference being negative versus positive drivers. What may seem positive, such as success, could be utilizing negative use cases to get there, such as pushing others down to be on top, taking short cuts, sacrificing others parts of life and neglecting loved ones. What is success if it comes at such a harsh price?

Take a minute and consider the actions you’re taking.

  • What is driving it?
  • Is it negative or positive?
  • Will it be worth it in the end?
  • Is there a better way?
  • Sleep on it and see if it’s still the best way.

I know I have my moments when I’m frustrated with someone and I wish I could get them back for what they did. But then I think, what good is that really going to do? It may be a temporary feel good moment, but in the end, there is no positivity to it.

And then there are other times, when I’m motivated by wanting to give back such as helping an animal, a friend, or just a random old lady who is about to slip on a train platform (even if I ended up falling with her anyway).


image source – pixabay

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