What makes you happy?

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There a lot of ways we can be happy. Sometimes it’s making time for our kids. Sometimes it’s taking time to sleep more. Other times it’s being productive and feeling accomplished.

But sometimes we get caught up in the everyday grind, and lose sight of doing things that make us happy. It’s easy to do, life is busy. Adulting is busy. We have work and laundry, and grocery shopping, But what about the little things that make us happy?

For example, when you wake up on Sunday, instead of doing what you think you need to do, why not think about what you want to do. Perhaps reading a book instead of watching the sunday football game will make you happier. Perhaps making pancakes just because will make you happier.

Here are ten things I try to do each week to make myself happier:

  1. Find one day a week to sleep a little longer
  2. Don’t go out every night, stay in and chill to balance it
  3. Prep food so I’m not eating out for every meal
  4. Have a day to be productive, but then a day to do what I want on the weekend
  5. Read more
  6. Exercise the way I want – spin class because it makes me pumped
  7. Eat dessert, because I like it
  8. Drink red wine, because I like it
  9. Go for a walk to see the neighborhood
  10. Do nothing

It’s a choice. We have to choose to do the things we want that make us happy.

What will you do today?


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