what soothes your soul?

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Have you ever noticed, that it really can take a little moment, a small slice or pie, a song, a text, or even a quick chat with a friend to lighten up a mood. Sooth your soul. Brighten that smile.

Work days are rough. If you work in an industry like me in marketing, there are many meetings, back to back, hours on the computer, and you are constantly running from one task to the next. Running in your mind, that is.

So, we need a moment. We need things that soothe us. Make us feel a little lighter and more motivated to get our shit done.

A few things that make me feel a little brighter each day include:

  • a good playlist – we have over a 100 playlists, did you know that?
  • a kickass workout before the day starts or after the day ends
  • some fresh air between meetings
  • taking time to make tea and taking a moment to breathe
  • grabbing one of my furries and cuddling them (a few times a day)
  • putting on my go-to show or podcast or book later in the day to unwind
  • texting with a friend or multiple friends about their day
  • sending random memes to laugh
  • sending or receiving a real card in the mail
  • taking time to actually talk to a friend (in whatever medium that may be)
  • enjoying my food and not rushing through it (if I can)

What are your go-to’s?

Until next time, #radiatedaily

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