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Recently I was described as “fearless”, “fierce” and when someone asked me to pick a word for a mantra, I chose “dragon.” These may all seem a bit out there, especially when we normally look for words like kind, caring, and radiate (my regular mantra word), but at the time, the word fit.

The year of 2018, as for many I’ve spoken to, has been a bit of a “shitshow.” I’ve had friends who’ve lost loved ones, others who’ve dealt with medical concerns, shifting jobs, moving, breakups, and more. Not to say there weren’t good things in 2018, but sometimes the bad swallows up the good and you can’t seem to get through the fog. So instead, of looking back and trying to find it in the midst, we look forward to what can be even better, and what more we want for ourselves.

Two years, ago I chose the word “excitement” and last year I chose the word “badass” as my word for the year.

I had wanted to overcome the accomplishments of the year before by being more “badass” — and in some ways I did. I showed my boss and team that I am capable of leading without someone leading me, and I am both a good manager and true self-starter and loyal to the team.

2018 also hit me with some blows. As many of you know I wear my heart onĀ  my sleeve when it comes to animals, especially my baby girl Lucky. She is 9 years old and was recently (before Thanksgiving) diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. It was a blow to my heart, my stomach, and my body itself. My boss knows me so well, that he made me take the day off to let it set in and let my emotions ease as well.

It’s days like that, which make you realize life really is precious and life really can turn in an instant. This is my new normal now – taking care of my forever kitten, showing her the best life I can, working my ass off at work because I love my job, and trying to stay mentally, emotionally and physically sane/fit all at the same time. I may make less plans, and not take any real trips for a while, but I’ve chosen my priorities and what matters most to me right now.

A co-worker called me a fearless leader in not being afraid to take on anything. Another co-worker called me fierce based on my clothes and personality to go at it (in a good way, of course). So I chose, dragon as my mantra because (yes, I’m a huge GoT fan) the animal resembles to me something that is fearless, fierce, and ready to take on 2019. I’m dragon.


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