It’s in the moment

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The years seem to fly by…the day goes from our morning rush to our evening slumber before we realize it. The summer passes, the fall swishes by, and winter holidays are suddenly upon us. And then…we’re already looking back at the year that’s gone and forward at the upcoming new year.

Before it’s even Christmas, the stores are filled with Valentine’s day candy and we’re once again looking ahead at what’s to come and how fast time is flying. I’m guilty of it.

But there’s the problem.

We continue to plan and look ahead at the good to come (which is great), but it allows us to takeaway from the moment at hand. We forget to appreciate what we have, how far we’ve come, and how we’re making a memory in that moment…one we can remember in the future.

This winter, holiday season, new year (or whatever part of the year it may be), let’s take in the moment. Sit down. Put down our phones. Take a mental picture. Listen to your dad’s corny jokes. Watch how your mom makes your favorite dish. Give your siblings a compliment, even when they’re being a pain in the butt.

Breathe in what you have. Appreciate it. A few other ways I hope to try to be in the moment more often include:

  • Give a real hug (not the one arm ones)
  • Spend time with friends and family without technology (like doing a puzzle or playing cards or just talking over a nice meal)
  • Don’t rush through a meal, but instead take time with the people with me and the food we are lucky to have
  • Appreciate the people present, because you never know what life will bring next
  • Really listen to what others are saying, and listen to their actions and undertones too. It’ll help to connect a little deeper.
  • Take a moment to look at the surroundings. Be grateful.


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