Your life isn’t Yours

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Much of the day we focus on ourselves. Not a bad thing. We ensure we eat get some good sleep (hopefully) eat well (hopefully), and that we get some exercise (hopefully), etc. But throughout the day we are also without sometimes realizing, giving ourselves to others – our jobs, our significant others, our kids, our pets, and so much more. Our lives, are not just ours.

But outside our relationships and jobs, are lives could go even further. There is so much going on in the world with poverty, homelessness, hunger, illness, animal care, environmental issues, so on and so forth. Pick yours. We all have something we align closer to, and remember, giving back, isn’t just during the holidays. Causes don’t just need us in December. They need us all year round. One day we may need someone’s help or donation, and we can only hope they’d be willing to be there in March or April too.
So many ways to do so…
We can give back to our surrounding communities
– Helping with community upkeep
– Helping with community events
– Participating in local community service efforts
We can give back on a national level
– Join an organization where you can help monthly or annually
– Give time or money (or both)
– Provide a time each year to reflect to see if this is something that you feel committed to
We can give back daily
– We can find small ways to give back through our jobs
– Find a cause or passion you want to do more for and see what skill you can offer
– Get your family involved too, so it’s time with family as well
In the end, time seems to fly by quickly and we forget to look past the day to day minutia we are stuck in. We get up, workout, run to work, do our job, run errands, go home, do more work, sleep, just to do it all over again. Our weekends are filled with either more work, errands, and running around. Sometimes, we need to stop and take a second. Breathe. Look around. See there is more than just us. More than our day to day. More we can do.
If you had something else to give to, what would it be?

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