You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be

Ever think…wow, she’s married already? Wow she got a promotion before me? Wow she’s so far in her career? Wow she’s so fit? Wow I wish I could be that ambitious? Wow they already have 2 kids? Wow she owns a home?

Comparison is like stabbing yourself with hot pokers over and over. It’s painful and never leads anywhere good.

Everyone is in their place in life for a reason. Just because she met the love of her life at 18 doesn’t mean you won’t find a love just as grand at 35. Perhaps she got that promotion before you, but maybe you’ll find a job that’s better suited in the next couple months. Perhaps they have kids, but maybe you need to save more money first.

The list goes on, and so does time. We all follow our own paths and aren’t meant to be on the same one or timeline as everyone else.

What’s the real issue here? Patience and acceptance for our timeline and path in life. It’s not easy to be patient…we want everything when we want it, but that’s unfortunately not how life works. We have a hard time accepting that other folks have what we want, but envy and resentment isn’t going to bring us those things.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be popular. But later in life, I realized it wasn’t being popular that mattered, but having friends who really care and are excited to be with you, each day. Who support you.

When I was older, I wished I could have straight her. And about ten years later, hey I got it. Patience.

When I was in college, I had wished I could have a steady boyfriend like most of my friends, but the small stints I had, were great learning experiences. What I needed at that time, most of all, was find myself, and have some independence…and that’s what I got.

In my last job, I wanted a promotion, but realized that it wasn’t the right place for it. Instead I found a new job, and it’s not only a promotion, but a better fit for me overall.

Time really does shift things into perspective. Even if we are itching for it to be sooner…


image source – pixabay

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