12 Things To Make You Happy That Don’t Cost a Thing

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Written by blog contributor, Daniela Forte.

Being happy is an inside job. It is a job that we have to do every single day in order to make our lives fulfilling. Just like any job it is no easy task, especially if happiness feels so far beyond your reach.

For me personally, happiness is not an easy task, I am more prone to look on the dark side than the bright side of things. Things can easily make me unhappy in a blink of an eye.   As I am getting older, I have begun to look towards the little things to make my soul sing with joy.

Here are some ideas I personally think can make your day a little brighter…

Make Your Bed: I know this sounds a bit crazy, but when I make my bed, I feel lighter, like I actually have my life together. My whole room could be a complete disaster, but if my bed is made, I feel content. I realized this when I moved out, I could have cared less when I lived with my parents, but now I feel entirely different about it. So if you can find five minutes in the morning, make your bed, it is a nice thing to come home to after a long day at work.

Take a Long Walk: Walk anywhere, to the grocery store, the park, down the street to the coffee shop, wherever. I did this recently, I have a little ice cream/coffee shop down the street from me, now I could easily have taken my car and driven there, but it was a nice day, so I took a walk and then just sat outside for about 15 to 20 minutes enjoying the morning.

Write: I am a big proponent of writing (can’t you tell?) it has been an outlet for me my entire life, I mean I made a career out of writing. If you ever feel like your life is chaotic or your emotions are just getting the better of you, start writing it down. You will be surprised how different you feel after you finish. You may also discover a hidden talent that you didn’t realize you had! Imagine that.

Read: Reading is another way to bring some happiness into your life. I have a stack of books I am currently trying to get through. Give yourself 15 minutes a day and just read, whether it is a magazine or that book you have been meaning to read your entire adult life. It is also a chance to step away from reality for a little while.

Clean Your Home: I once heard, a messy mind is a messy home. And this is so true. I can tell what kind of week I am having when I am not my best self. I try (really try) to clean various parts of my apartment once a week. If cleaning your entire home is too much in one sitting, clean parts of it as the week goes by, start with the smaller rooms and work your way though.   Much like making the bed, you will feel lighter and happier that you got it done.

Unplug: This is highly recommended. I haven’t completely done it yet, but unplugging from social media, the computer in general is a great way to bring a little more happiness into your life. You are stepping away from all of the noise that being connected brings. Trust me, you won’t miss anything and it will still be there when you get back.

Sleep: Get some sleep, take a nap, go to bed earlier. Get your needed rest. Without needed rest, you can’t function and honestly it is more likely to make you cranky, depressed and just plain irritable. About a month or so ago, for a week, I was going to bed much earlier than I normally would, and got like 12 hours of sleep one night and I truly felt refreshed and ready to conquer the day. It made a world of difference.

Spend Time with Family and Friends: Spending time with people you care for, like your family and friends is a great happiness boost.

Lighting Candles: There is something about lighting candles in your home that can make things feel peaceful. It is a great way to add some relaxation to your home, your mind, body and spirit.

Take a Bath: Whether it is a bubble bath, or a regular bath, close your eyes and just relax. Candles work well here too.

Watch Your Favorite Movie: There is always that movie that you return to again and again, put it in and enjoy and unwind.

Make Your Favorite Dish: This could cost some money, but it doesn’t have to if you have all the ingredients in your house. There is something about my favorite dishes that make me dance in my seat.



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