5 Inspiring Ways I found My Way


Finding my way to NYC was not a direct path. In a way you can say it started growing up in Stamford, CT – being only 45 min from the city. At first I thought I’d go to college there – and then when I ended up – and fell in love with – Boston, I didn’t think I’d ever move to NYC. I found a city I called home. A city that was manageable. Just the right size in every way.
Then, over the past year my thoughts began to change. As I looked for new opportunities, I expanded my search. Not right away – I had close ties in Boston – and wasn’t ready to part ways. Afterall, Boston was home.
I realized that if I was looking to make a career change (agency to brand), I should be looking for something amazing. So, in Boston I only applied for the best of the best. And then I started looking at the brands I’ve coveted from up close and afar. I had many conversations with folks who worked at Nordstrom, Amex, Google, Amazon and more. Sometimes it wasn’t the right fit, other times it wasn’t the right timing.

I truly do believe everything happens for a reason. And while I struggled with that at times, especially because I refused to settle for an opportunity that wasn’t the right fit – I found inspiration to keep me moving.

1. My friends who held my hand – They encouraged me in ways I can’t describe. They demonstrated strength and a helping hand when I needed it most. They listened, and drank wine with me. They reminded me of my own strengths and what I brought to the table and why I needed to keep moving.
2. New connections – They showed me the value of continuing to make new relationships. I met an older gentleman at Starbucks because I chose to sit at the larger table while I answered emails – and we ended up talking for an hour. And we still remain in touch. Then there was my parents’ neighbor – who from a random conversation with my dad – became the reason I am moving. She connected me with someone who knew about my next adventure, which I recently began. You never know when you’ll make a meaningful connection.
3. Becoming my own friend – Over this time, I learned to love who I am as a person. I had never been to the movies by myself – and finally did it. Seems like a small feat, but it was a wonderful one. I realized I enjoy my own company, and it made me stronger with that realization.
4. Focusing on myself – I took time to do things that mattered to me as a person. I focused on my photography, wrote more poetry, and exercised almost everyday. It was my own personal growth that helped me grow in my career too.
5. Giving myself time – Lastly, I gave myself time to figure out what I wanted. I had opportunities that crossed my path that were great and definitely tempting. However, I knew that it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to work for a brand that I could inspire and it could also inspire me. I wanted to grow my career and have it focus on passion points so I could have both in my life.
NYC may not have been what I planned initially, but it’s where I’ve landed – in an awesome way. And I’m truthfully pretty stoked. It’s a new adventure. New friends to make. A new city to explore. And more ways to continue to grow as a person by finding new inspirations.

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