Adulting Like a Pro

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It’s Saturday, and damn it feels good. And the last thing you want to think about after a long work week is “adulting.” Aka chores, errands, and all that “fun” stuff. Isn’t that an app for that? Actually some, but we’ll get there. There’s no reason to avoid and dread it all, because you can tackle the “must do’s” and find ways to delegate or shift the rest.

My tips for getting shit done when you don’t want to (at all):

  • Do the thing you don’t want to do the most, first. Once it’s out of the way, the rest is so much less daunting.
  • See if you can divide your chores throughout the week, so it’s not all on the same day – i.e. pure torture
  • Set a reward for yourself for when you finish.
  • Also helpful is to set a time frame that you are going to go do something fun. That way you are forced to get your to do list done before X time, and perhaps you’ll be more productive. Kind of like a quick cram for a quiz.
  • Acknowledge how much you’ve accomplished as you do it. You’ll feel better when you see all that you have done, and when there’s only 1 or 2 things left, you’ll probably be motivated to just finish it all.


  • Reward yourself, because damn you deserve it now.

What motivates you?


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