Reward Yourself

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A few years ago, I was constantly concerned with my budget and ensuring I spent wisely. I would scrutinize each expense with such pain, that I would be sometimes too careful on what I spent my discretionary income on. I had a budget that involved my fixed expenses, and then my additional buckets, including “fun/entertainment” money for the month.

After a while, I realized, if I really, really, really wanted that manicure this week (and unless I’m over budget), why the hell not. Stop scrutinizing, and just for it. If I ran out of my weekly budget, and decided to get the manicure, I could always take from the next week or month. That is not the rule, that’s the exception.

The point being, it’s no fun to deprive yourself. It’s nice to have weekly or perhaps monthly rewards. Maybe it’s being good and allowing an end of the month reward knowing you’ve kept your budget and worked hard that month. Perhaps it’s a small weekly reward for staying on track.

Here are my favorite ways to reward myself without breaking the bank:

  • Once/Twice a month manicures
  • Ordering in for dinner – especially when you can have the food for multiple meals (win, win!)
  • Getting my favorite dessert
  • Getting that pair of leggings I’ve been eyeing all month
  • Having a night out with the girls with some damn good cocktails and delicious food
  • Taking a long weekend to get away
  • Getting that latte with the caramel
  • A museum day

In the end it’s not about what it is, but ensuring that it makes you feel rewarded. It shouldn’t be something you make yourself do, but something you’re stoked about.


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