And then it’s Summer

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All of a sudden the temps shift into summer, and you think – but what about Spring? Summer comes in with a heat wave, a wave of feelings, memories, and adventures to be had. And then you step outside, and think – oh crap it’s Hot.

The city is sweltering, and every step you take (every move you make), the sun is beating down on you. You all of a sudden are wishing for the AC and and no longer wish for the patio food and drinks, until the sun has gone down a bit.

So now what? How do you enjoy summer without wanting to dump a bucket of water on your head?

Drink lots of water. Carry a bottle with you when you’re venturing outdoors for a long period of time. The sun is more likely to take a toll on you, and even walking for a few miles can be daunting on your body when the temps are higher.

Have indoors nearby. Find ways to take a break from the heat and go indoors for a breath. If you’re wandering the city, hop into a store and browse for a beat, while your body takes a moment to recoup.

Eat in the shade. Because we all want to enjoy the outdoor patio season, grab food in the shade or wait until the sun is a little lower. Eating by the water can help too because you’ll catch that extra breeze.

Have a balance. Not all day needs to spent directly outside. Split up the day so you’re not drained half way through and not able to enjoy a full day of relaxation and fun with friends and family.

And of course, it’s summer. Don’t complain. Enjoy it.


Image source: the odyssey online

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