Showing Appreciation


Written by contributing blogger, Sonia Sahota. 

The time is here… I am finally taking the next stepping stone in my career and leaping into the next chapter of my life. I always thought this day would never come. I am moving back to a familiar place, my hometown. Yes, to some this may sound like a step back in the wrong direction. However, moving back home after living in another city or area for many years can be the right move for you. In this case, it most certainly is for me. A big hurdle that previously made it difficult to accept the move is leaving all the wonderful people I have met and have grown close to behind.

Want to know something pretty awesome? You don’t have to. You are not leaving them behind. Your friends you have made and grown close to will physically still be in your previous city. However, keeping in contact and showing your appreciation of them as a friend is what is essential to keeping that bond strong. Showing appreciation goes a long way. To some, this can be difficult because it requires you to be open, honest and straightforward with your close friend or loved one.

Here are a few tips and tricks of showing appreciation and gratitude before leaving, and starting a new beginning:

Add some detail to that thank you: Many people tell their close friends, or loved ones thank you. But what really makes the key difference is adding depth and recognizing their efforts with specific detail. Also, thank them as soon as you can. Do not let their great deeds go unnoticed. If you do this, you will see the difference you make once they have that smile on their face.

Write a hand-written note: Taking the time to share how someone has affected your life in a positive way is the perfect way to show appreciation. In today’s digital era, hand-written notes or letters are rare, which is why this can be such a kind and meaningful gesture.

Pay attention to what they need: Pay attention to what they tell you about what is going on their life. Recognize what they need currently and how you can best help them. Sometimes, people can think too far ahead into the future and forget about the right now.

Tip well: When eating out or getting drinks with friends make sure to tip well. Waiters, Waitresses, Bussers, and Bartenders at restaurants and bars work hard to base their checks off tips. 18-20% is what you should tip at minimum. It really does show how much you appreciate their service and hard work while you’re enjoying time with your friends and family.

And my favorite…. Be Sincere! Yes, this sounds apparent. But just be real. Do not put on an act just to compliment someone to show them appreciation. Being sincere versus being fake is easily differentiated. Being genuine and truly showing someone your thankfulness and gratitude will be much more heartfelt, and remembered for a much longer time.

Some of these tips sound obvious but try some of them out anyway. Choose at least two-three to try this week and see how you feel or make the other person feel. See if it changes your friendship and helps it grow in a positive manners, no matter the distance between you both.


Image source: wikipedia, Boston

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