…and you get up again

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Sorry to put that song in your head, but it’s a great reminder to each of us that despite what comes our way, what barriers stand before us, and what we think is too hard to come back from, we can … get up again.

Sometimes our barriers seem taller than they are – like an argument with a loved one over a small pet peeve. Other times, they seem so large we can’t see around them, such as financial or medical problems or an addiction.

Again, everything has a choice. The harder part is making that choice. We may have to take very small steps to start seeing the edges of that barrier, but those small steps (like the tortoious) will still help you get where you’re going.

Tips to keep moving in those small steps:

  • have someone hold you accountable
  • keep track of your successes on that path
  • make a roadmap so you know how much further to go
  • if you fall down again, tomorrow is another day to do it right
  • and nothing feels better than moving in the right direction

Give yourself credit, thinking about the solution, is the first step.


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