is toxicity contagious?

Have you ever wondered how someone could be so toxic? So manipulative and deceitful? And perhaps a bit delusional in thinking they are not? Unfortunately what’s worse is that these toxic folks have a habit of infecting others — perhaps not to the same degree but bits of those symptoms can appear in those they keep close.

For example, perhaps they gossip more often now, they talk behind other people’s backs, and/or drive a wedge between themselves and the ones the toxic leader is “going after.”

They show you what they want you to see. And those first appearances are definitely the most deceiving.

My “favorite” are the ones that appear so innocent. They put on a face of purity, while their actions afterward demonstrate something quite different. These ones, are sometimes the most dangerous.

My advice…as soon as you detect the toxicity level, and that it’s on the rise, run, don’t walk. Get out of that relationship, friendship, etc. If it’s something that can’t be discarded, then find ways to reduce and minimize your time with that person as much as possible. Stick to minimal words, minimal communication, and always continue to be polite — because you never know what that person may do to twist your words and actions for their benefit, and to your detriment.

Hopefully one day, this attitude and personality trait will become less frequent, but unfortunately it’s something that exists…right in front of us.


image source – pixabay

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