Appreciate what you have

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With the holidays just behind us, and the fresh new year, we have to take time to think. Think through what we have, that we are lucky to be where we are, and appreciate how much more we have than so many others.

 The things to be thankful for:
Health – Even if we aren’t perfectly healthy. Even if we have some ailments like migraines or chronic colds, who cares. It’s not the worst thing in the world. Yes, it can suck. Yes it can be frustrating. But it’s not terminal. We may have to work on it, we may have to work to stay healthy each year, but we can do that.
Love – Whether it’s a good friend, a mom, a sister, or a furball waiting at home for you. If you are loved, you are fortunate. Love comes in many forms. It can be a form of kindness like a simple hello from a stranger, someone who gives you the last piece of cake (true love, right?), someone who offers the seat on the subway, or someone who buys you a cup of coffee for no reason. Love can come in many forms and all should be appreciated.
A job that pays – Not everyone has the luxury to always love their job. But if you have a job that pays the bills, and allows you to live your life, you are fortunate. There are times we want to kick ourselves for not being able to afford everything we want, for still having loans to pay, a credit card debt, and/or just wanting to go on that trip and forget it all. Take a step back, and realize, at least we’re working towards all of the above, we have a job to get there.
The ability to laugh and enjoy our moments – because those moments are worth much more than the new shiny object you want in the store. Truth. Sometimes I take a minute to enjoy the scenery around me, the beautiful architecture, the hustle and bustle of the people, and of course the opportunities to see so much more next time.
And if you are extra fortunate…
If you have more – If you have enough to live on, enjoy your day to day, and still go on vacations and buy yourself some presents. Buy someone else something too. We are lucky, and it’s even luckier to be able to allow someone else to feel fortunate as well, even for just a moment.

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