Five ways a pet can be the perfect therapy

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We give a gift by adopting a pet and giving them a loving and caring home. In return we get love, devotion, laughter, memories that can’t be tarnished, and pure unconditional friendship with a new member of the family. In addition, when we lease expect it, our pets can be the perfect therapy. They’re always there, always “holding our hand” and making us feel loved.

1. There is always “someone” home with you – Whether you have roommates, a significant other or live alone, when you have a pet, there is always someone else running around waiting to hang out. My little one climbs on the couch and hangs out while I watch a movie, watches me cook dinner, and is usually in the same room with me, because she wants to hang out.
2. They give and want attention – They run up to the door; they wake you up in the  morning, they cuddle on the couch, and play fetch. They want to be a part of your daily lives. My little one runs to the door when I come home, circles me until I acknowledge her and pick her up and scratch her head, jumps in bed at night when it’s time to sleep, and pats my head with her paw when the alarm goes off. Little things, but each one makes me smile at her.
3. They love you, not just because you feed them. They love that you are their mom and dad and chose to be there to take care of them. My little one shows her love in many ways, but my favorite is the way she purrs, when I scratch her, and when she is so excited to see me when I’ve been gone for an extended amount of time. It shows I’ve been missed.
4. They want to play – because why the hell not. My little one is always on a mission to get that damn red dot. One day, little one. One day.
5. They make you laugh – they’re silly. They’re cute. They do somersaults, climb high furniture, rub their faces in your face, and are just plain adorable. My little one sometimes acts like a full grown cat, but she’s still 5 pounds and I love it.

Animals are the therapy we never realized was the therapy we needed at times. My little one keeps my life more balanced. Makes me want to be home, relax a little more, and understand that work/life balance is important not just for me, but for our loved ones.

And when you’re ready to adopt one yourself,  be sure you’re actually ready!

My little one


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