Beat the Work Week Scaries

We’ve all heard of the “Sunday scaries” but do they really stop there? The work week “scaries” are a real thing too, and they begin on Sunday and don’t stop until around 5pm on Friday. Raise your hand if you agree…I know I am. But how can we beat them?

  1. Prep your to do list ahead of time (preferably Friday before the following Monday) and prioritize what needs to get done
  2. Take a peak at your email Sunday night or early Monday morning so you know if there are any “fires” to put out first thing
  3. Prep your lunch the night before and preferably meal prep for the week so that isn’t an issue in the AM
  4. Prep your clothes the night before so you don’t have to think about that in the AM either and can just throw them on
  5. Pack your bag with your laptop and any ready to go items the night before as well as your coat and shoes ready to go
  6. Organize your week on Sunday so you know your plans outside of work and can ensure you feel they are balanced and not too much or too little
  7. Ensure you have time to workout and even plan out when you would go to the gym and what workout or class you make take so you can stay motivated and committed
  8. Balance your budget for the week so you know what you can afford and it won’t be an issue when you feel like ordering in or going out to eat
  9. Organize your meetings at work with space to get work done when you’re most productive and if you can’t, move some meetings to another day so you don’t feel overwhelmed
  10. Take a break each day to breathe and take in how you’re feeling and recompose if necessary


image source – pixabay

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