Best of Me…

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Ever think damn, this is the best version of myself. Today. Right here. Right now. How do I hold on to this? What helped me get here?

I realized the best version of myself is when I have the following:

  1. Harmony (not just balance) in work and life
  2. Surrounding myself with people who are kind, driven, and just plain good people
  3. When I have girlfriends who have similar mindsets
  4. When I get enough (or enough to function) sleep
  5. When I eat less process foods and more fresh fruit and veggies
  6. When I take care of myself – each day
  7. When I am productive personally and professionally
  8. When I take advantage of the mornings
  9. When I get in a morning workout
  10. When I am grateful for the good in my life
  11. When I take time to breathe

It’s not about a relationship. It’s not about money (but that doesn’t hurt). It’s about the balance/harmony, kindness, mindfulness, and love.


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